Do I Really Want This?

Creating goals involves elimination. Why do we forget that? When I think about my goals, I immediately imagine long scrolls of lists and overwhelming amounts of work. I seldom ask myself specifically—do I really want this?

The first thing you absolutely must do while creating a goal structure is eliminate elements that aren’t necessary or interesting to you.

In my last post I mentioned my garden. I have a pretty large space to work in and I’ve always dreamed of a lush edible garden. This spring I had a jolt of excitement—and impulsive plant shopping. But then the zucchinis grew and the spaghetti squash spread. I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a squash eater. I do take the zucchinis and shred them for muffins so that works out. I’ve even gotten good about freezing the shreds for later use. The spaghetti squash is, I’m sure, delicious, but I’ve got so many of them.

Did I say I’m not much of a squash eater?

I know, I can give them to people but the point is: shouldn’t I be spending my time on things I actually want?

Now. Now, is a time like no other. With online ordering and information at our fingertips, we can learn about almost anything. We don’t have to settle for low brow goals that don’t fit who we are. We can focus on a few things that are truly interesting to us.

I recently noticed a photo of a friend on Facebook. He stood by a tree and he’d typed a simple caption: ”this year my goal is to learn to prune and maintain this tree.”

Reading his little post adjusted my focus. I could picture a binder filled with notes on just that—the care of his tree. It wasn’t too hard to imagine the addition of future trees and plants—all of which would most likely thrive using this straightforward plan. It didn’t hurt to know that this is one of my most productive and creative friends.

His post also reminded me that we do not have to have long, intimidating goals and that our goals should, like those trees, be pruned to their essentials. One tree that is well-cared for is tangible—and you’ll even have time left over to sit under it and enjoy it.

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