Selling on eBay — The Best Gig in Town

It started with a YouTube video and a filter.

A little over a year ago, I took a chance and sold a filter on eBay. Little did I know it would become a passion, a source of income, and a life-altering endeavor.

I remember it vividly—it was the beginning of summer. My kids were home and the little town I live in was eerily quiet. A normal June day is socked in by fog, but on this day it was uncharacteristically warm and sunny. We had nothing to do, nowhere to be—time had finally slowed down and we were making the most of it by doing a lot of lounging.

That day, I remember seeing an add on Craigslist for a ”whole house” free pile. The occupants of the house were moving and they had pulled everything out to the yard. I loaded the kids into the car and we eagerly drove over.

My son immediately grabbed a couple of boxes of brand new nails. A filter, fully wrapped and unused, caught my eye. I’d just seen that video referencing ”parts of items.” I had no idea what the filter was used for. I grabbed it, feeling a bit guilty—I knew I would not use it, but I also knew that it would more than likely end up in the trash.

Since then, I’ve continued to grow and learn. I’ve tried to enjoy the process while pushing myself to sell more. My store is small but each month I try to commit just a bit more time to it.

I’ve really learned that this is something that goes full circle for me. I try to pick items that will likely end up in the landfill. Recycling is a huge motivating factor. Saving the money I earn through eBay is the other side of that coin—that money goes towards purchasing stock or at the very least my high-interest checking account.

I encourage everyone to try eBay—even if it is just to get rid of a few items that are weighing you down. Sending an object on to someone who really appreciates it is more than just financially rewarding!

if you’d like to visit my store, check it out here.

Have a Great Weekend,


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