Passive Income Report November

I love my passive income, so each month it is a joy to add up the incremental ways I’m gaining on my finances just by the choices I’ve made.

So, without further ado, let me begin.

American Express

If you’ve been reading, you know that American Express is my favorite credit card. Each month I try to stay within my means, but no matter what, American Express surprises me with the rewards I accrue. The phenomenal 6% back on groceries is where this card really pays off for me. During November, I made a total of $115.58 in rewards.

TAB Bank

I found out about the TAB bank Kasasa checking account while reading Kiplinger’s Magazine last year. I was initially hesitant to use an online bank, but at the time, they were offering an astounding 4% interest rate on your account of up to $20,000.00. I literally could not believe it was true.

Tentatively, I opened an account and slowly I started depositing money into my account. The bank account has a few requirements, such as a monthly deposit and 15 debit card transactions. I was so enamored of my American Express at the time that I couldn’t see the utility of another account—despite the interest rate. But, logically, I knew that I had to earn money on my savings as well as my spending. The money in this savings account has a job to begin with—this is money that I put away all year so that I can pay our property taxes and insurance, etc., at the end of the year.

In the beginning of this year, Tab Bank had a series of interest rate reductions. They now offer a much lower 2% rate, which is still nothing to scoff at, however, I have considered moving my money again if a higher interest rate finds me. For now, I’m pretty happy with TAB. This month I received $31.29 in interest.


This month I received a total of $96.94 from dividends.

By stock, I received:

$6.28 from Verizon

$31.20 From AT&T

$4.30 From American Express

.30 From DIV ETF

$1.78 from Enterprise Products

$24.00 from Grand Plains Partners

$9.36 from Realty Income

$5.31 from Diversified Healthcare Trust

$4.85 from Unilever

$1.90 from LTC Properties Inc.

$7.66 from SPHD

November was not an epic month to buy stock because the prices were so high, but I did take a chance and purchased 15 shares of Pfizer when the news of a viable vaccine came out. I also bought 10 shares of Kohls, just on a hunch that Kohls may stick around—and continue paying out the amazing 7.3% dividend that I was able to capture.

Well, let’s tally before I go. So, all told I made a solid $243.81. I’m definitely excited by this and I hope that I can take that cash and continue to keep it growing.

Have a great week!


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