May Passive Income Report

Summer is in full swing and I’m itching to get into my passive income report. This is the time of year that my kids and I have a little more flexibility time-wise and somehow I end up slacking off a bit more than I intend to. The combination of warm weather, longer days, and freedom are fertile grounds for some financial analysis—and some daydreaming about the future. But enough sitting poolside, let’s get into the hard numbers.

American Express Card

American Express did not disappoint in May. This month I earned an amazing rewards payment of $83.20. This month my spending could have been lower at $1,403.87 since most of my charges were at the grocery store. I’m going to have to tackle those coupons once and for all. As I’ve said before, American Express Blue Card is the best card for groceries as it gives you 6% back on groceries (up to $6,000 per year and 1% thereafter). Logistically, if you’re trying to stick to a budget of $500.00 or less per month on groceries, this is a great card for that. As usual, I’ll shamelessly include a link below for the card which gives both you and me a bonus if you are approved. As a side note, the card does have a yearly fee of around $95.00. Amex is well worth it though if you spend over $1500 on groceries per year. It also gives 3% back on gas and streaming such as Netflix and 1% on everything else.

Apply for an American Express Card with this link. We can both get rewarded if you’re approved!

TAB Bank

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’m very wishy-washy about TAB Bank. During 2020 they lowered my interest rate twice and now it hovers just above 1%. Well, May was once again an epic fail as I forgot to deposit money into the account. TAB requires one deposit and 15 debit card transactions over $5.00. This month I made an abysmal 42 cents. I’ll blame my forgetfulness on the chaos that occurs as summer looms. Okay, on to the next.


Ah, for the love of dividends! I have two accounts—a regular investment account and a Roth IRA. I’ll list below the stock, ticker symbol, the number of shares and the dividend I earned this month. Combined, my dividends earned me $

Regular Account:

AT&T (T) 60 shares $31.20

Verizon (VZ) 15 shares $9.41

American Express (AXP) 10 shares $4.30

Enterprise Products (EPD) 12 shares $5.40

Global X SuperDividend US ETF (DIV) $.27

Green Plains Partners (GPP) 200 shares $24.00

Realty Income (O) 60 shares $9.40

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (SKT) 100 shares $17.75

Diversified Healthcare Trust (DHC) 531shares $5.31

LTC Properties (LTC) 10 shares $1.90

Invesco S&P 500 High Div Low Volatility ETF (SPHD) 50 shares $5.70

That brings my regular account to $114.64 in monthly dividends.

Roth Ira

General Mills (GIS) 10 shares $5.10

AT&T (T) 6 shares $3.12

Enterprise Products (EPD) 50 shares $22.50

Global X SuperDividend US ETF (DIV) 3 shares $.27

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (SKT) 6 shares $1.07

AbbVie Inc (ABBV) 5 shares $6.50

Stag Industrial Inc. (STAG) 10 shares $1.21

Diversified Healthcare Trust (DHC) 68 shares $.68

LTC Properties (LTC) 10 shares $1.90

My Roth IRA earned $39.35

Combining all of my passive income I earned a total of $237.61 during May. Not too bad when you consider that this is pure income that I can either roll over into more stocks or keep aside and use to keep my expenses low.

Let me know how you’re doing financially and if you have any suggestions for a high interest savings account!

Have a great week.

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