Grocery Budget Challenge Final Thoughts

Oh, the highs and lows of January! A whole organic free-range chicken for just under $4.00 because of a random and accidental mix of coupons. Three boxes of toothpaste for $1.00. Grapes for $7.00! Yes, you read that right—grapes that were actually ”on sale.” Not only that, but the very next day my husband commentedContinue reading “Grocery Budget Challenge Final Thoughts”

Wait, Does That Belong on the Grocery Budget?

In our household,  January has become, obsessively, ” Grocery Budget Month.” With that in mind, I’d like to let you know how it’s been going — and note a couple of refinements I’ve made, as well as a few observations before giving you the final tally in a separate post at the end of theContinue reading “Wait, Does That Belong on the Grocery Budget?”

Sticking to a Grocery Budget Even If You Feel Like You Might Die of Starvation

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been experimenting with a grocery budget—something I’ve never done. I know, gasp. It seems the first recommendation of any card carrying money-conscious person is to know where your money goes and establish a budget. Up until now, I’ve blithely ignored that advice. That was until I receivedContinue reading “Sticking to a Grocery Budget Even If You Feel Like You Might Die of Starvation”

Our Grand Budget Experiment

I’m more of a skinflint than a spendthrift when it comes to food, but I’ll pick organic over the regular fare and the expensive cheese has found its way into my cart more than once. The fact is that I’m pretty frugal naturally so I don’t usually think that I need to count every penny.Continue reading “Our Grand Budget Experiment”

Home Depot Stock—Is it a Buy?

As the year comes to a close, I’ve been keeping an eye on the stock market. I’ve been scrimping all year, skimming extra cash and locking it into my savings account. I’ve also planned ahead for extras such as our property tax bill and any taxes or insurance we may owe in the next fewContinue reading “Home Depot Stock—Is it a Buy?”

Organization is the Key to Saving

The biggest, and sneakiest, impediment to success is lack of organization. Saving money is no exception. Trust me, saving money requires an actual system because it can get hairy out there! Last time I talked about my financial awakening, so to speak. I’d come to realize that the CD that held $20,000 in my bankContinue reading “Organization is the Key to Saving”

Why it’s Important that Your Money makes Money

One of the most important financial lessons I’ve learned thus far is that allowing your money to sit idle is the absolute worst mistake you can make. The reason for this can be summed up in one single word: inflation. Inflation is the inevitable process where prices continue to rise, while the value of theContinue reading “Why it’s Important that Your Money makes Money”